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Weddings & Events

If you want your ceremony to stand out and enjoy a truly spectacular, grandiose backdrop for each and every photo,
few places are as inspired as Canggu


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Combine your traditions with the local culture and customs.

The groom’s family visits the bride’s house pre-wedding, asking permission to take her away from her family temple. The bride is then met at the groom’s house as the newest family member. The wedding costumes are spectacular: lots of bright colors, a golden head cover for the groom and a large crown for the bride. Palm leaves adorn the reception area and the traditional plates are made of woven rattan. The party / reception lasts for an entire day.
Our on-site contacts relish these opportunities and are always excited about organizing weddings and events for tourists. This is why more and more people select Canggu and Bali as their wedding spot or renewing their vows with their closest family and friends.

Live your Fantasy!

We’ll handle the heavy-lifting in arranging your event, you just unwind and enjoy it. From the right accommodation to the best places for the ceremony and photos, we’ll help you figure it all out.
Our team and partners will focus on the operational, day-to-day stuff so you can enjoy your time in the Canggu, Bali and one of the most memorable celebrations of your life.
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We offer a wide range of properties & wedding planning services

By referring to previous events, we can easily define the core aspects of your wedding.
This will always leave you lots of room and time to plan the details and customize your event to suit your every fantasy.

Hundreds of clients have seen their expectation come to life with us!

Our experienced team bring their local contacts and creativity to ensure everything goes according to plan,
whether you only want a discreet event or lavish “for the ages”-style celebration.

It’s finally time for you to fulfil yours!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance or have any questions.

Live your fantasy!

Luxury Canggu Villas Live your Fantasy!